Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scary Situation

I had my bio up on ebay because I buy quite a bit from there. I put it up 2 years ago and totally forgot I did. Well, I placed a quilt for sale on ebay just to see what the market was like and I had a "Rudy" write me a email telling me how pretty my quilt was and how they liked my bio so much. So I wrote back to her after a week (I thought it was weird that she wrote me in the first place) and chatted and asked about her life and she told me she had a 20 month old daughter and how she's 40 and she is glad she waited so long to have a child and then started talking about things that made me realize it was a man. A man!!!! Whow! Freaked me out! So I went to ebay and deleted everything I could delete.
That is scary. My husband thinks having a blog is bad. He says anyone anywhere can read it and if you have info they can find out where you live and who you are. So, I am so nervous that I'm taking out everything I need to to keep my identity private.
Just be careful out there.


  1. Thanks for the heads up!! I am going to my different sites and changing a few things! Best to be aware and safe. I think my husband would agree with yours! Be safe :^)

  2. You are so is unnerving at times.

  3. Thanks for posting this. We worry about the kids, but tsking precautions is for everyone. It seems we are always checking behind us for different things that can go wrong.