Friday, January 20, 2012

My quilts I have made recently

Here are some of my quilts I have made recently. I have posted them before, but they were crappy pictures. This time I bought some "quilt hangers" and put them up on the computer room wall. I still don't know how to take "good" pictures. You can tell I don't know what I'm doing. They NEVER look professional. If anyone has any tips, please help me. I use my cell phone. I bought a digital camera but my phone has a bigger view for me.

Anyway, this first quilt I'm trying to sell on ebay. First thing I've ever tried to sell. I buy all the time. No one bid on it and I lowered the price to something like $175. It cost more me more than that by a long shot. I paid over $100 to have it custom long arm quilted. And the fabric and batting were way over $100. So I am glad it didn't sell. I relisted it for a starting bid of $450 and a buy it now for $495. I really don't want to sell it. I don't know what I'd do if someone actually bid on it. I just wanted to try selling a quilt. It has so much applique on it...had to do a lot of cutting and fusing and ironing on this quilt. Then I had to sew on all that rick rack. It's not cheap either. So here's a picture of it. It's not my best quilt by far, but it's the brightest and cheeriest one that I've made.
Now I think I've posted all these quilts, but they were laying on the floor and the lighting was bad so I'm reposting them. Here's my quilt that I inherited from my sister after she died in 2003. She was 53. She found out she had cancer and died 3 months later. Her best friend and I went through her quilting room and took care of cleaning it up. We packaged almost all the quilts and got them to her daughter, but her best friend and I each took one quilt. My sister loved making blocks. She wasn't crazy about finishing the quilts. So, I took home all these stars on muslin fabric. I added the plaids around the stars and added a border and had it quilted. I still haven't done the binding on it. That's my biggest downfall. I don't like binding quilts. So here is "Carol's Stars" quilt.
The picture doesn't show all the different plaids I used. I used blues, reds, greens, browns, pinks, etc. It's a very large quilt. It would be a queen quilt, I think. Anyway, I love it because I helped my sister make it.

This next one came from Austin, Texas. I flew down to Texas to my niece's house (she's my favorite person in the whole world besides my husband and kids) and she took me to "The Quilting Bee" quilt shop where I bought three quilts. Then we drove from Texas thru New Mexico to Arizona and then thru Utah all the way to Oregon, where I live. She has a fear of flying and was going to drive by herself all the way to British Columbia to see her dad and brother. So I took a rode trip part of the way. It took us 3 days and it took her 1 more day to get to her brother's. Anyway, I've finished two of them (even did the binding) and have one left to do. I call it "Texas Hearts".
This quilt is so rich in color and so pretty, but my pictures are awful. They don't do my quilts justice. Dang!!!!

Next quilt is a quilt I made a few years ago. It hasn't been bound either. I bought the kit at my favorite quilt store, Traditions Quilts, in Baker City, Oregon. It's about 1 1/2 hours away. I love the owner. She and I have become best of friends. She always waits on everyone else before she waits on me, even tho I've been there longer. The reason is so that we can chat and she can help me pick out whatever fabric I want and a pattern to go with it. She gives me 15% off because I choose to travel so far to her shop. I have two shops 1/2 hour away from me, but she is worth the extra travel time. She kitted this kit. I love it and wish I would bind it. So, here it is. Remember, I take lousy pictures.
This next one I bought the kit in Austin, Texas also. It's my American Flag Quilt. I actually did an awesome job on it. It was so much fun to make.
And this last one I made several years ago. It is the hardest quilt I ever made. There is so much appliqueing done on it. I loved making it because I had to challenge myself. I need to make more advanced quilts. I get bored of all the easy quilts I make. This one cost $239 to have custom quilted. She used different colored thread for each color. I mean, she used the same color of thread as the fabric. She had to really work on this one. It's my biggest quilt I have at home. I've given my daughter my biggest quilts. So here it is.
I can not believe I even made that. The appliqueing of it was very time consuming. I still need to bind it.

I am right now sewing my blocks together on my latest quilt. I think after I finish that (by tomorrow) I might just actually bind the rest of my quilts. It's not so bad when you finally sit down and do it. It's just thinking about it. I don't hand sew the binding. I machine quilt it. I learned a fun way and showed anyone who reads my blog how to do this new way of binding earlier in my blog. If you go back a few pages, you will find it. That's the only way I will bind my quilts now.

So, off I go to finish my latest quilt. Can you tell that my life revolves around quilting? More later.

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