Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My New Fabrics and Kits

Here's my new 1/2 yard fabrics that I bought from Fat Quarter Shop. I have to say that FQS is my favorite online quilting shop. They were the first place I bought from online and I was amazed at how they presented their fabric and kits. You don't want to open them. They are presented beautifully.

 I bought these FQs from Mo and Mac's Shack on ebay. I also bought a couple of yards of the bottom fabric. I have gotten to know the two gals, Pat and Sue, very well and I sure like them. They always send me something extra in my packages. Pat sent me a book about all the people who have books published from CT Publishing. The articles told about how each person came in to being a quilter. What a nice gift!

There was a kit I wanted desperately but it was sold out (I found the pattern in a quilt magazine), so I went to different online shops and bought the fabric separately. Well, I made a mistake or two and now I need to find the dark green that goes to the pattern. See the pattern below.

This cute little box was found at my favorite local quilt shop, Traditions Quilts. It has fabric and the pattern inside. I couldn't resist because of the box. Here's the fabric.

I ordered this "Wooly Sheep" online. It has wool. I have lots of wool but have never tried using it. I think I'm going to take a break from the large quilts and make this small wall hanging. If you look hard, you can see the two black button eyes on the fabric. It's so cute. I love the fabric.
I saw this kit in a quilting magazine and had to have it. I can't wait to make it. Here's the fabric that came with the kit. There's three fabrics and then on the left you can see the layer cake that goes with it. This pattern and fabric resemble the next pattern and fabric I bought from a quilt magazine.
Now look at the fabric. Doesn't it look familiar? I love red and I love appliqueing so both of these kits are perfect for me.
This next kit I can't remember where I bought it. I want to say Fat Quarter shop. It is so big it came in three packages. It includes the backing as well.

Here's a better look at the pattern. The quilt I'm working on now has blocks in it also, but it's much harder than this one will be. I'm kind of digging the white in the patterns. Makes it crisp and clean looking.
I took it sideways and don't know how to turn it around. I bought this on ebay also. It's just the pattern. I have all the wool to make it, so buying a pattern was perfect. I've bought two books with patterns using wool.
Not a great picture, but I'm making the large quilt in this pattern (someday). Here's the fabric that came in the kit.
This is very pretty fabric. I love the soft colors with the small flowers. It's going to look great with the dark striped fabric.
This is another kit (I know, I love kits) that my husband bought me for Christmas. It looks like it will be kind of challenging for me. I've been quilting since 1992 but I don't challenge myself like I should. I shy away from advanced patterns. I've done some and loved doing them more than the easy ones, so I don't know why I don't buy more of them. I had more pride doing the advanced quilts.
Okay, now here is my newest addition to my plaid collection. I have so much plaid, but no pattern yet.
This is my fabric and buttons for a...just a minute, I had to call my daughter and ask her the name of what this is. My senior moments kick in often. I couldn't think of the word plaid for a whole minute. Now I'm waiting for my daughter to call me back with the name...oh, it's called a penent. (I think anyway) I'm taking ribbon and hanging pendents from it. The panel has the triangles on them for both sides so you sandwich the batting between both sides of the pendent and quilt it and then you make flowers to go on them and put the buttons in the middle of the flower to hold it on. They are very cute.

Now, here's my new hanging pattern hook. I have two of them in my sewing room. I love them. They have little clips that you can remove, if you need to. They hold 15 patterns each. Now I can thumble threw all my patterns.
Here's my new bookcase my sister in law bought me for Christmas. I have mostly fabric lines (layer cakes, jelly rolls, yardages of fabric) but also some more kits. I am going to try NOT to buy any more kits or fabric for a long time. But, I just went to Walla Walla, Washington to a store called Stash and spent $300 on two kits and some half off fabric.
And more fabric on the bookcase...........
Even more fabric..............................................This is my Bliss collection. I'm saving it for some reason.

And now here's my 2nd wooden hanging ruler holder. It holds so much, but one is not enough. It has 9 or 11 slots and you can put a few rulers in each slot (if they aren't humongous.
Well, I am going to go do laundry, clean the house and get ready to go to town. I've been on the computer for a couple of hours now. I was reading "The Quilting Board" for over an hour. That place is addictive.
I probably won't blog for a week now. It takes up so much time. I always feel guilty when I'm on the computer. I should be sewing or cleaning or cooking or playing with my dogs or going to town or visiting with my husband (when he's home, which is every couple of days). So see you next week.


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    1. I know I've been busy. I received a $300 gift card for Christmas and spent it all on quilt kits and fabric. Well, now I'm done shopping for a long time. How about you? What have you been up to?

  2. Very beautiful fabric and kits! Congratulations on your purchase!I, too, so want to start sewing. It is a pity that I can not do this.