Wednesday, November 9, 2011

 Here's my trusty fan. I have it blowing on me at all times in my light up sewing room. It helps. Hanging on the door are some of my Boyd's bears and rabbits. I kind of collect them. Once in a while I go to ebay and bid on one. I sent one of them to Tatiana when I sent her a box of fabric. Hope she likes it.
 Here is the start of my next quilt. I bought the pattern from Amy Smart. It's called "Churn Dash" pattern. It is so easy I can't believe it. You make two blocks at one time with only two fabrics. Wow!!!! I have cut out 4 1/2" strips of fabric and put them together and do a little magic and it's done.
 Here's a couple of tubs of fabric under my table. The wooden swan holds more fabric. I have way too much fabric.
 Here's three of my tubs full of fabric and I know I've shown this picture before but on top is my latest find. All civil war fabrics. I'm using them in my Churn Dash quilt.
 Here's more tubs of fabric and fabric in a plastic container. I have another black and clear plastic container I use to prop open my door to my sewing room. See all the fabric laying on top of the tubs? Too much. I will never use it all. I probably won't like it after so long. I keep buying new fabric and not using the old. I want to do another giveaway. Fabraholic won one of my "Giveaways" and I sent her two fabric lines. The only thing is that it costs $58.50 to send international and I can't afford to do that anymore. So if someone in another country wants to win, they will have to pay for shipping. I feel bad doing that, but I'm not able to spend that kind of money on anything but food and quilting of course.
 See all the fabric? It's mostly fabric lines.
 Here are all my quilts that need binding. I bought a light that goes around your neck and I think I will hand bind my quilts once and for all.
 Here's my trash can that I fill up weekly. I don't keep small pieces of fabric. I throw them away. They might come in handy some day, but I don't have room for them all.
 Here's another section under my tables that has fabric inside everything you see. I even have a suitcase full of fabric.
 Here's my Boyd's sheep I bought. The small one is holding a baby blanket. I'm waiting for someone close to me to have a baby so I can give that to them.
 The blue chicken is what my daughter drew for fun. I loved the vibrant colors and took it from her. She was embarrassed. She didn't like it. But you know how mother's are.
 Here's a basket full of fabric. I have some kits in here also. I have kits in all these pictures.
 It's hard to see, but this plastic bag holds all my miscellaneous things. It's plum full. But I know where everything is.
 This is my Civil War block of the month pattern. I'm received block 11 but I am only part way done with one  block. The block I'm doing is so complicated. I need to put up a picture and have someone explain how to finish it.
 Here's the pattern for my next Civil War block of the month club. I'll never get to it at the rate I'm going.
 This nifty container came with my Bernina 830. It holds the feet for my sewing machine and has bobbins and two drawers full of items for my machine.
 Here's how it looks closed up. Nice and tidy.
 For the tenth time, my favorite spool holder. Holds 100 spools of thread. Sits upon a lazy Susan.
And another picture of my ruler holder (and scissor hold). It's saying I made an error downloading these pictures. Better see if they all downloaded.


  1. I feel like I was in your sewing room, you show us everything so clearly. Yesterday I've spent whole day in my trying to clean it but without any visible effect.I think I spend 50% of my time sewing and another 50% in desperate effort to keep my studio tidy.

  2. admire your sewing room! She is very nice and cozy. I would love living in this room))You have really a lot of fabric. This is a dream for those who sew.The sewing machine is a dream.Very good lighting in the room.With great pleasure to have spent a few days in your room going through the beautiful fabric.