Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm a winner finally!!!!

I finally won something! And it's great! It's a Beam and Read light from Patsy Thompson. I am so happy. It just made my week!!!!
I finally ordered me a camera (I've been using my cell phone camera, which takes lousy pictures) and it's a digital camera. I'm excited. Now I can place great pictures on my blog. And I will be taking lots more pictures with it.
I sent Fabraholic her giveaway of a line of fabric. I also put in some other fabrics as well. She lives in Germany so I don't know if she received it yet. Probably not. I sure hope she likes it.
Anyway, I WON a giveaway. I've entered every giveaway I came across and had no luck. Just a couple of minutes ago I checked my email and there it was! A message from Patsy saying I won. It took me a little bit to actually understand it. I thought "this isn't happening to me" for a while and then I hooted and hollered for about one minute before I wrote her back and thanked her so very much and gave her my address so it could be mailed to me. What a wonderful person she is.
We get lots of black outs out here in eastern Oregon. I live in a very tiny town on the side of a beautiful mountain. We get so much snow all winter long and we also lose our electricity, so this beam and read is going to be wonderful! I can read quilt mags, do hand binding, and hand work in the dark!! It also has a magnifier that you can attach to it. I use cheater reading glasses. I have about 8 of them. I spread them out thru out my house so I have at least one in every room. Now, with the Beam and Read Magnifier, I can do so many things without those pesky glasses. Hooray!!! I am soooooo honored to win this.
Well, I guess you know how happy I am. Now I am going to go sew some binding on some of my quilts and wait for my light to do the hand sewing part.


  1. heartily congratulate you with victory!

  2. Congratulations! It's so nice to win something in giveaways. Wish it would not be the last thing you win.