Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tee Shirts for Quilters

Just a quick note to tell you about the tee shirts for quilters I found online. Go to and in their search engine type in "quilt" or "quilt tee shirt". I bought three and an apron and 2 pj bottoms. But I'm going to wear my tee shirts with my jeans. One of the tee shirts I bought has a stick figure of a quilter holding a rotary cutter and below it says "Serial Cutter". It's so cute. They also have lots of other quilt items like: mouse pads, mugs, magnets, license plates, hoodies, sweat shirts, and many more items. Go check it out. Bet you buy something.
I will be gone until the 5th of December. My niece has breast cancer and having surgery on Tuesday. Her husband needs to keep working so I'm flying down to Texas to help her recuperate. She's at stage 0. She just had her very first mammogram and there it was...cancer. But she will be fine. No radiation or chemo. Just cut the little bugger out (hopefully). They ARE going to implant a small chip like thing of radiation where they took out the cancer cells. We're all positive that she'll be fine. Her mom died at 53 (in 2003) of cancer. She found out she had it in August and died in November. It was horrible. My mom died of cancer at 54. I was 26. That was horrible. I'm 57 and no cancer in sight. All the women in my immediate family have died of cancer. Kind of scary.
My niece and I are going to watch old movies and I'll do binding by hand on some of my quilts and she'll crochet. It's going to be comfy cozy. I'm going to take care of her. Before my sister died, she asked if I would be a mother to her children. So I've tried. Sarah, my niece, is 41 and her brother, my nephew, is 40. I don't talk to him very often as he is very busy with 3 little bitty kids and a consulting firm. He has his PhD. in Engineering. My niece has her PhD is Astro Physics. They are brainiacs. My niece works at two universities in Austin, TX. She has explained black holes to me. It was fascinating. She is a teacher at one of the universities and a researcher at the other. She says that most scientists come to believe in God by their research. She has explained it to me and it makes total sense, but I couldn't repeat it, too hard.
Well, see you Dec. 5th. I should have ,my new camera and will take nice photos, for a change.

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