Wednesday, November 9, 2011

 Here's my TV. I had to hang it on the wall. I never watch it, only listen. Well, maybe once in a while I'll stop sewing and watch what's on.
 My sewing machine has lots of light. Doesn't it look hot? It is when you have hot flashes.
 And the bright light over my ironing board. Beside the light, remember how much heat the iron puts out!!

 This is a close up of my Bernina 803. It does everything plus. Only I don't know how to use it except to sew. I am taking classes but it's almost two hours away so I don't go too often. I go this Thursday for a 3 hour session.
 I just bought this double light at Walmart for $30. It really helped light up the room, which I needed.
 Here's another picture of that dang light over my ironing board.
 I have this little light to help me sew. It gets so hot I have to turn it off after a half an hour. Oh well.
Then there's my little bedroom light I stuck in the corner to help me pick out thread. Oh, and see my mirror? I love it. Found it at a flower shop. I didn't know where to put it so I stuck it in my sewing room (like it's not full enought already)

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