Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here are my two blocks. The first one is my Civil War block. I just have to sew it together. Now the second one has 81 pieces to it. And it's a 12 1/2" block. I bet it doesn't end up being 12 1/2". There's no way I can be that accurate with 81 small pieces. Some are so much smaller than an inch. I am not going to tackle this block for a few days. I'm not that great of a quilter to make this hard of a block. It's my Mystery Quilt. Each month the blocks get harder. I'm wondering what next month's block is going to look like.
I don't see how I'm going to keep track of all 81 pieces of fabric after I cut them out. Gosh, I might just have to change the block into something easier. Maybe like last month's block. I don't know but I do know that my block will look nothing like this if I try to make it. It's crazy. I've never seen 1 block with this many pieces.


  1. You did a very nice unit. The blanket is beautiful. The second block is also very beautiful, but more complicated for me.That for the stand you bought?

  2. Hello Jeanne
    beautiful colors and pattern. I'm sure this quilt will be quite awesome! Why don't you try paper piecing with all these small parts? I've found out its easier to handle that way.