Sunday, October 16, 2011

More BOMs

Yesterday I received two new blocks for my block of the month clubs. One is "The General's Wives". It's about the American Civil War. There is a story that goes with each block. This first one was about a woman who married a General when she and he were in their 30s. They had 11 children in 10 years. A disease ravaged the U.S.A. and the wife caught it and died. Her husband was inconsolible. (sp) He then lost a daughter and then he died. All within a month. The remaining 10 children were split up and lived with strangers. It was a very moving story. Life back then was hard. The common age of death back then was 45. When San Francisco had their big earthquake back in the early 1900s, the longest most people lived was 45 also. Now people live to be over 100. What a difference a 100 years makes.
My 2nd block is from my Mystery Quilt. Each month the blocks get harder and more pieces to them. I think there is 30 pieces to this block. It gets confusing and when I'm done, it's usually the wrong size. It's hard to sew that many pieces together and have the block come out 12 1/2". It's usually crooked on all sides. I know it's going to be a beautiful quilt. I love the fabric. But it takes me about 3 days to do one block from this Mystery quilt. First day I do the cutting and then have to recut because I miss some of the pieces. Then the next two days I try to put it together. I end up cussing and tearing it apart and putting it back together both those days. If I'm lucky, the 2nd day it kind of looks like the picture. It's for very advanced quilters. I bit off way more than I can chew. I will be proud of this quilt when I am done with it. I think this is the 4th or 5th block of this quilt. Each time it gets twice as hard.
Well, I am off sewing. I will try to post pictures of my blocks when I am done. I am having so much trouble uploading pictures from my cell phone to my computer. I called my cell phone service and they helped some, but not enough. I called my computer place, Dell Computers. They helped some, but not enough. I called the people that make the cell phone, HTC, and they helped very little. Then I called my "pc care" folks (I pay $100 a year for their service) and they helped some, but not enough. I need to have a place that my photos can upload to and then I can retrieve them and post them on my blog. It was working and now it's not. I am going to try again today. If I have to call someone for help with my computer, it is usually a 2 hour call. It takes up too much time for too little help.
Well, off I go to have some fun in my quilting room. Oh, I just received in the mail a new gadget. It is a stand with a razor inside. When you chain piece, you grab your pieces and put the little piece of thread holding each piece together down on this gadget and it cuts it. No more scissors or rotary cutters. It is awesome!!! My new favorite toy!!

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