Monday, January 7, 2013

My New Friend!!

I have a new friend named Barb O. She made me 'Snowflakes'. Beautiful Snowflakes to put on my Christmas tree for next year and every year after!! They are absolutely gorgeous!!

I'm using my cell phone to take the pictures, I just tried using my new 'IPad 4' but I cut off portions of the Snowflakes, so I'll try and use the best pictures. They are prettier than the pictures show.

Aren't they the sweetest 'Snowflakes' you've ever seen? Isn't Barb the nicest friend in the whole wide world? I think I have two of them turned around! Oh no!! I am too tired to go take more pictures.

And this is the second time she has 'made' me something. I showed you the table runner I have on my kitchen table! Well, if you didn't see it, scroll down a ways and you will see it. I won it (plus a bunch of other people) on her blog! I am so lazy. I don't make gifts for people to win. I give fabric. That's the lazy way. She actually takes her time and makes gifts and gives them to complete strangers! What a nice, decent person she is. I love her to death!! I want to be more like  her. When I start sewing again, I will try.

Thanks Barb for the 'Snowflakes'. I will take very good care of them. And since it snowed heavily here today, I couldn't take down the tree, so the 'Snowflakes' will go with my other ornaments for next year.

Now to go read my new quilting books. I received a quilting novel for Christmas from my niece and it is so delicious! I started reading it and loved it, so I ordered the second one and then I ordered about 5 more in the series. They are big paperback books. The size of hardbacks. I'm not using Kindle on these. I love the feel of a book. And these books need to be read the old fashioned way. They are the "Elm Creek Quilt" series. There are 16 books in the set and then there are, I think, three quilt books. Books that have patterns from the novels. I will be purchasing them soon. They talk about the quilts they make, so it would be so cool to make those exact quilts! The second book is called 'Round Robin' and I didn't know what a Round Robin was. Well, now I do. I don't think quilters do that much anymore. Maybe they do. I don't hang around groups of quilters, so I don't know, but it is such a neat idea!

The first book is called 'The Quilter's Apprentice'. Check it out. After you read the first page, you are addicted. The first book is very wholesome. I like that. The second book gets juicy!! The third book (which I am reading now) is even juicier!!! I never thought I would read a quilting novel! Never! But the writer is an excellent writer. She has written other novels, great novels in fact, so don't discount her! Give her a shot. Her name is Jennifer Chiaverini. She has a webpage. It is Check her out!

Barb said she can't download pictures on her blog anymore. That's why I came to my blog today - to see if I could and report back to her. Well, I can, so I need to tell her this. You should check out her blog. I posted it above in the previous blog. You'll love it and her!  Now to go read my novel!


  1. I just started The Quilter's Apprentice over the weekend! You are right - from the first few pages I was hooked. I've already reserved the second in the series at my library, plus I also checked out the quilt collection book for the Elm Creek series. It would be fun to make the quilts.

    I like Barb too - I enjoy your blog and hers. :)

  2. Wow, they are truly amazing! I bet she gets just as much pleasure in giving, when they are truly appreciated like this.