Monday, December 31, 2012

My New Fabrics and Machine

On Christmas morning, this was sitting under the Christmas tree for me!
And when I finally got the latches opened, here she is - my new 401 Slant-O-Matic Singer Sewing Machine. I learned how to sew on one just like her. When my mom died, my dad gave her to me. I kept her for years, but then traded her in for a very basic mechanical Viking Huskavarna that my daughter has. How stupid I was. It was worth more than the Viking was. I had to fork over $$$ plus the machine to get the Viking. And the Singer had her own stand! Pictures aren't the greatest, sorry!
She's in perfect shape. No scratches or dings. She's been gone through by the best. She's just wonderful. I'm going to use her for retreats and classes.

Now, since there are great sales going on, I've been going a little nuts!  Here are some of my purchases. This first bunch is not really a sale. It's a BOM from 'Fat Quarter Shop'. It's their "Christmas Favorites" BOM. It started in September, so they sent me 4 blocks to catch up. That's not a good sign for me. I get overwhelmed and then I tend to not do it. I don't think that is going to happen with this super cute quilt though. Here is the HUGE box that came Friday for me. I couldn't wait to open it!

Inside were 5 packages:
This is what the quilt will look like when I am done with it. This is the pattern! I was going to take each month's block out and show you the cute fabric, but I don't want to have to put the fabric back in each package, so I'll show you just the outside of each month. Here is month one:
There are buttons galore! And ribbons and embroidery floss and lots of cute fabric! This is for all the months. They just put all of it in the first month's block.

 This is block 2. It has 6 different fabrics. I should have opened them, dang!
Okay, block 3 now.
It also has 6 different fabrics. They are very cute. You can make them out on the printed paper on the outside of the package. On to the block four.
Block four has 12 different fabrics. I haven't opened the pattern yet, so I don't know what any of the blocks are. This has got to be the big daddy of all the blocks. I still have a big package of batting that looks very similar to this fabric. I love when I get the backing at the beginning of the BOM class.

They are having such awesome sales after Christmas that I've been buying things almost daily. Here are some of the things that have come in. I'm expecting things daily still. I ordered from three places today. I ordered a scarf, not quilting, and two cute winter hats, not quilting either, but I did order from Missouri Star Quilting Co. today. I bought a charm pack for $1 and 3 1/2 yards of fabric to go with this jelly roll. You can't just have a jelly need sashing and borders! Here's the roll:
It's Fairy Tale Friends. I don't ever buy anything with critters on it. Well, I take that back. I did buy owl fabric. But besides that, I don't buy kids fabric, Halloween fabric, just starting to buy Christmas fabric and wanting to buy Valentine fabric, and have camping fabric and old timey fabric with moms and dads and kids camping. I'm starting to venture out. I don't have flannel except for the raggedy quilt that is cut out and batting is inside each piece and it's all ready to have an 'X' sewed on each sandwich. That's all the flannel I have and I have so much fabric. And I don't have much batik, either. I'm just starting to like that.

Okay, I purchased this tiny tool kit for my sewing machine and love, love, love it!!! It zips shut and tucks away. It's awesome!

It has a flathead screwdriver, a phillips head screwdriver, some kind of rachet (sp?) thingie and another tool I don't really know what it is, but I still love them all equal!! ha

Here's some pink I picked up! I don't have much pink, so I just bought a little bit for 'just in case'.
And behind it is a fat quarter bundle of Kaffe Fassett. It was wrapped in plastic and it had the name of the fabric line on it, but I threw it away without thinking. I don't care for Kaffe Fassett fabric usually. I've talked it over with my LQS owner and she agrees with me. We just don't get him! But somehow, I bought this. I might be having a giveaway!!!
I think his fabric is just too wild for me! I know I didn't know who's fabric line it was that I was buying, because I would never spend that kind of money on his line! I decided his fabric looks like the bedspreads in motels. Sorry Kaffe,

I bought this from Joann's. It has so many uses. You can take it when you go to the quilt store and put whatever you are going to buy into it. You can take it to the store and use it there. I am going to use it to keep my project in. I love it!
It's a nice big size. I could put 2 or 3 quilt kits in there - queen size. And I got it at a ridiculous price! They almost gave it to me!!

I bought this 'Creative Ideas' carryall to hold my scissors and pencils and rotary cutters. I haven't had the time to fill it. I just stuck a few of my scissors in it for effect. I love the purple. It's very heavy duty.
And yes, I want to 'Quilt with the Stars'. So I bought another quilt kit. It's so darling! I pulled out the fabric and barely pulled them apart for you to see them.
Pretty fabric, isn't it?
And look at the HUGE button that comes with it!!! It's going to be cute!!!
And lastly, I ordered this bit of fabric to go with some precut I can't find. I know that is what I did because sometimes I order a jelly roll on sale or a layer cake or charm pack and then when I get it, I look through it and find two fabrics that I want for sashing and borders. Well, it doesn't look like I looked through whatever precut I bought because these are pretty bland fabrics. I need to read what fabric line they are and then go searching for the precut. Usually I leave the precut sitting out until the fabric comes in, and then put it all together. I didn't this time and I figure it's going to be a long time till I find that precut that these two pieces of fabrics go with. It looks like I ordered 2 yards of each. Here they are, bland and all:
Well, it's taken me forever to write this blog, so I won't be writing for a while. I'll wait for a while until I have something to write about. Please read the blog below this one. Go to the link. It is so uplifting! And funny! And I love it! Till next time!!


  1. Your singer sewing machine is great, what a beauty. I like the older machines very much.

    Wow, love all your new fabrics and kits, great purchases. By the way, I like Kaffee Fassett fabric, so I'll be watching your spot to see if you do have a give away. :)

    Just found your blog and enjoying it.

  2. Great Christmas gift! I also love Kaffe so you don't even have to have a giveaway. I'll be happy to take that unsightly stuff off your hands. Guess motel bedspreads suit my tastes!

  3. Give the Kaffe fabric a chance...yes, the flowers are odd sometimes, but the colors are gorgeous. You have to let go and let it be what it is, and you might find you like it after all.

    Although far be it from me to discourage you if you want to do a giveaway...very big grin!


  4. very nice gifts and a very good buy!