Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Awesome Table Runner I Won!!!!

Barb of had a Giveaway a little bit back and I won! Well, quite a few people won. And she made Table runners as prizes!! She actually did the hard work! She sewed a bunch of Table runners and gave them all away. I saw pictures of some of them and they were all awesome but I think mine was the best!

I found a website where this gal made some fabric that was shoes and I wanted the fabric so much! It was expensive and I couldn't really afford it. I wrote her. She wrote me back. Last night she offered me a deal of a lifetime on two Shoe Panels. I took it!! I'm getting my shoe fabric. It's close to the fabric that Barb put in this table runner.

Here is a close up of the table runner so you can see how nice and cute it is.
She couldn't have picked a better runner for me. I love dots. I love black and white! I love the green in the shoes. I see now that my shoe panels that are coming that the shoes are different colors. Looks similar. Funny how I found that site and wanted the fabric and then Barb sends me a runner with shoes! Thank you Barb! It fits perfectly in my kitchen on my oak table!! One last picture!
Those two letters are Christmas cards with Visa cards for my kids. It's so they can buy Christmas gifts (my daughter can buy something for her husband and he can buy something for her) (my son can buy his girlfriend a gift and maybe someone else or himself something. I did that last year because I remembered when my kids were little how I had no extra money for Christmas presents and we had to figure which bills didn't get paid in December so the kids received presents. I figured I wanted my kids to have money to splurge and buy presents at Christmas time. When they have kids, I'll make sure they have loads of cash for their kids. Christmas is so important for kids. And my kids are still my kids...even though they are adults! I still remember them as 8 and 10 years old. I always will remember them at that age and younger.

Thank you Barb for the Table runner! I absolutely love it!!

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  1. You are most welcome, Jeanne! I'm glad you like your runner and it really seems to suit your personality! That was luck on my part! Happy Holidays to you and your family!!! Barb