Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I found an awesome blog!

Rachael Wetzler loves yellow! She is such a great quilter. Check out her blog site.

I picked up my 6 quilts from the LQS yesterday. The owner did the binding on all six of them for $190. Way less than she told me it would cost me. Here are some pictures of the machine binding she did. They are awesome. She wanted to hand bind them, but I told her I needed them in a hurry and they were never going to be judged, so just machine bind them. Here they are:

This is my Civil war block of the month quilt. It is king size. She did a flange on the binding. You can see the blue with red spots on the binding and then the red strip just inside it? That's the flange, the red stripe. That's her binding. I love it. This is going to my husband for Christmas. It has wool batting. It will keep him "oh so warm!"

Scallops!! She did scallops!! Isn't it cute? You kind of have to look hard to see it. When I get my Ipad with Retina for Christmas, my pictures will be 100 times better, but for now, this is what you've got. I'm giving this quilt, which is huge, to my 16 year old niece instead of $50 cash.
This one is awesome! I love that word. I know they used it in the 90s. Overused it. But it says what I mean. And the long arm stitching on this matches what she did to her machine binding. It looks like dashes ----- like that!!

This is for my 13 year old niece for Christmas. It has sheep, chicken, swans, and calves on it. She did a flange on it, also. The green gingham at the edge is the binding and then there is a red color that is the flange, right before the brown and white checkered fabric. I think she will like this. My husband wanted to give his niece's each a $50 bill, but I am giving them each a twin size quilt that was long armed. Worth so much more than the $50.

This is one of my favorite quilts. I am not giving it away. I am keeping it. I don't know why, but I love the colors and the boxes. It was easy to make and the fabric just speaks to me.
I know, not great pictures, but what can I do? I decided I wanted an Ipad for Christmas instead of a Nikon camera. But the Ipad with Retina is suppose to take great pictures, so we'll see if it does. I need to take pictures of all of my quilts I've made.

There is only one that I can't take a picture of and that is one I gave to my ex-older brother. He refuses to believe I am even alive. The day my dad died, he thinks I died also. He won't take my calls or reply to my letters. So I am dead to him and I can't get a shot of the quilt I gave him - he probably donated it to Goodwill anyway. Oh well, such is family life.

So, I'm busy with Christmas and my son coming home, so I won't be writing for a bit. I received one email from a participant from the quilt kit giveaway saying she received my kit. One gal wrote and said she hadn't received her's yet. Oh, the postal office. I hope you all get yours today. Merry Christmas!


  1. Your quilts AND the bindings are gorgeous! My long-arm quilter can't do anything like that. Around here when you want them to bind for you they pull some of the backing to the front and machine stitch it down. Your quilter did a wonderful job...very creative. The bindings really add to the overall beauty of your quilts!
    Enjoy your time with your family and have a wonderful Christmas...Barb

  2. I am in my 60s and just started quilting. Haven't done a binding yet! I particularly love the last quilt, which you say is your favorite - the colors are wonderful, and the pattern really features the fabric. Do you name your quilts?