Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm in the Mystery block club. It's here:

It's called Easy Street!  This is what I have to do:
Cut 2” strips from background and whatever you are using as the grey.  My backgrounds are the black-on-white prints.  I can’t tell you how many strips to cut because scrap lengths vary.  You will need enough strip sets to cut  384 2” twosie  sub-cuts.   Match the twosies together and sew 192 4-patch units.  As you are sewing, pay close attention to how these are feeding through the machine.  I send my pairs through all with the DARK SQUARE leading. This keeps the seam on the bottom going "with" the feed-dogs instead of "against" them so I don't get flipped seams from underneath.  It also helps keep that opposing seam junction nice and tight as I sew over it.

Why be consistent?  So we can pinwheel the seams on the back side all in the SAME DIRECTION instead of having some of them go clockwise, and some go counter clockwise…  

Okay, that's step one. OMG! 192 4-PATCH UNITS!!! That is a lot to do just for the first step. I need to find enough fabric to do this. She is using grey and white. I need to buy some more grey.

Off I go treasure hunting...


  1. It sounds like a lot of units, but it really goes quite fast. You will be amazed how quickly you can get them done.

    1. So, you are doing them? I need to get fabric together to try and do it. I need to find someone else that is doing this to be my buddy during the entire process. Is it you?