Saturday, October 13, 2012

Funniest blog I've read!!

I just read the funnest blog in the whole world! I haven't been able to quit laughing for the last hour! It is sooooo funny! It's hysterical!!

You have to read it. The woman is a real clown! She's a jewel of a woman to put this on her blog and tell everyone what she did. I love her for it.

Go here:
You might have to copy that and put it in your bar. I can't seem to make it turn blue and be able to touch it and go to the cite. You've got to read it. I'm doing something wrong. Dang it. So, copy it and go there now!!!!

These are my Craftsy block of the month blocks. You can't see them so well. I just laid them on my living room floor and took some quick snaps with my cell phone. There are twenty blocks. I finished all twenty in the 10 months...on time. Right on time. The first for me!
The beginning of November we are going to add sashing and borders. I don't know how I am going to arrange them. Not the way I have them here. I ordered pink chevron (2 yards for sashing and 7 yards of some bold fabric for the borders and backing. I'm kind of worried about such bold color for the border and backing, but it's too late, so it was meant to be! The gal who I am friends with on "The Quilting Board", she ordered some subdue blue color for the back. Now, she was thinking the right way. Why didn't I do that?
Now, check out that site and laugh out loud!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the bloggy love! Can't believe I've had over 2000 viewers since you did that.

    Going to poke around here for a bit! Nice to meet you.