Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tomorrow someone wins the kit

Tomorrow I will put everyone's name in a hat and draw one person who will win the table runner quilt kit. I will announce it tomorrow. I need you to get a hold of me as soon as possible so I can get your email address and then your address to mail you your prize. So, check back tomorrow.
A while back I gave away 14 quilt kits to a gal on "The Quilting Board". I offered them to anyone who NEEDED them. A lot of people responded, but she was the second person who wrote and she said her husband was retiring and she was worried about what she was going to do to get fabric. She said she hadn't been quilting long and didn't have a stash, so I chose her and sent her all the kits plus all my doubles of my rulers, which I had many. She wrote me that she had set them all on her couch and just kept walking by and looking at them. I even sent her one that cost close to $200. It was pre-cut. She was going to do that one first. She was so happy to have all those kits and I knew I gave them to the right person.
I gave them all away because I had aquired so many and I knew I would never get them done and felt guilty every time I looked at them. So, I figured if I gave them to someone and got them out of my house, the guilt would go away...and it did!
So, I might be giving away a few kits and some fabric lines here in the near future. I've collected more than I can ever use again and I need to clear my conscience. So, look out because I will be having giveaways shortly. I've had some in the past also.

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  1. You are so generous person, there no many in the like you. World would be much better place with more people like you are. Thank you.