Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lazy Bums Group

I joined May's Lazy Bums group. We are going to have 11 months to finish up some UFOs. Well, we were to go to Flickr and publish pictures of our projects. So, I did that. Then I got to thinking...I was in over my head. I put all my binding as one project. I don't like to bind so each quilt that needs to be bound should be a project in itself. Also, I picked some UFOs that I hadn't cut the fabric up even and I have so many UFOs that are in different stages that need to be done before I start my new ones. So, I retook my pictures and put them up. Now it looks like I have 22 UFOs I am going to get done in 11 months. No way for me.
I'm the type of person who loves to start a project. I love to iron and cut. Cutting is my favorite. So I cut it all out and usually sew the blocks together and then put them in a pile somewhere. Sometimes, I just cut all the pieces out. So I need to finish up all those UFOs. I sure hope May can make sense of my mess. I don't know if I can delete pictures at Flickr or not. If I could, I would be in Heaven. I have never used Flickr before and we are using it for our group.
Anyone know how to delete pictures from Flickr?

I said I never have hand quilted anything. Well, sitting on my dining room table is a table top that I hand quilted. The quilting stitches are quite big, but I did it.
Here it is:
Now, here's the close up!
It isn't perfect, buy, by golly, I actually did it! It fits my dining table so it's not itsy bitsy by any means.
I need to have another giveaway. I will get around to it soon. I promise!!


  1. a very beautiful quilt! well done!

  2. Oh I am like you! I love starting new projects, but finishing them is always a different story. I have three quilts going right now. One I need to finish hand quilting, one I need to finish up blocks, and another I need to bind. Plus a whole long list of "side" projects lol Your hand quilting looks beautiful! I'm a fan big stitch quilting. Keep 'em coming! Can't wait to see what you finish up :)