Saturday, July 14, 2012

Binding needed...any takers???

I do not like binding my quilts. Here on one of my chairs in my sewing room sits all my quilts that need binding.
Right now I am finishing up 6 block of the month blocks, then I am going to try and make myself start binding these quilts. It would be so nice to get them done. They have been sitting around for so long doing no favors for anyone.
I have friends and family I could be giving these to. I have Christmas to plan for. I also have two more that I need to pick up from the long arm quilter's that are going to need to be bound. Good grief!!!


  1. I like to bind. I find it soothing. Now...I don't like to layer the quilts before quilting. Basting Spray makes it much easier but still, layering is MY least favorite thing to do! Toni

  2. If we would be nearer, I would bind your quilts with joy, I do like binding.

  3. I would gladly bind them for you of it wouldnt cost you an arm and leg to ship them
    p o box 303
    5550 grapevine rd
    crofton, ky 42217

  4. You're doing fine! You have a very nice blog! It is a pity that I did not participate in the drawing of tissues. We moved and now I do not miss gifts.