Thursday, July 5, 2012

Latest Block of the Month

Here is the latest BOM from It's a modern looking dresden plate. I love it. It is so easy to make and I think it looks so bold. I really could make a whole quilt using this block in one day easily.

I think it's so vibrant looking. I could do all the blocks with the same bold color or make each block a different bold color. You could make quite a few blocks from just one fat quarter. The white is Kona White. I bought about 7 yards of it before starting this BOM so I will have plenty left over.

Now, on to my ebay find. I love shopping ebay. I am a buyer only. I have sold two item on ebay but they were things I needed to sell and what better place than ebay? So, while browsing through the fabric one day, I came across these blocks. 38 of them. All for $8. What a bargain.

I ordered this kit from Fat Quarter Shop. I saw it in a quilt magazine and had to have it. It's a lot of applique. They cut all the squares for the applique pieces out already so all I have to do is make a template and draw it on the squares and apply webbing and cut it out. I don't have to cut out all the squares, which I wouldn't want to do.

It's called "Collection for a Cause Friendship 1850" by Howard Marcus for Moda. It's an Antique Quilt Reproduction, Ninth in a series and it finishes at 78"x78". There are 25 applique blocks in this quilt. It is a very pretty quilt. It came in it's own box and all the fabric was individually wrapped. I love Fat Quarter Shop. It's my all time Fav!!
This is what was inside when I opened it up.
And after I took out the pattern:

Then when I laid it all out, this is what I had:
But wait, I ordered backing for it also. I added enough backing to make a row or two of the applique blocks for on the back.
The three fabrics in the lower right corner are the backing fabrics. I can't wait to start this kit. But, I have a "French Braid" that I have pinned together that I need to sew and I'm trying to be good and finish my projects on hand, so this might have to wait.
I love quilt kits. I don't know why, but I do. I know other people do too because they sell them in magazines and at local quilt stores and at online stores. So, I know other people are buying them. I have sooooooo many quilt kits. So many. My husband bought me three for Christmas and I haven't even started on them. I have bought quite a few since then and I had over 20 before I received those. I just can't help myself. I think I like seeing the quilt done and liking it so much that I decide to buy the kit. And I don't have to figure out what fabrics to buy.
But, I do buy a lot of fabric. I have whole fabric lines. I don't buy just one piece of fabric very often. I usually buy a jelly roll, charm pack, layer cake and yardage of a fabric line or I buy lots of yardage of one fabric line. Here is one of my bookcases full of fabric lines.
This is my Kona Solids collection. I have yardage of light pink, bold pink and turquoise plus fat quarters three jelly rolls and 4 charm packs. I plan on making a quilt with some of that someday. Just have to find the right quilt.
Here's some more of my collection. It has more fabric sitting behind it. It is three different collections here. And I have more to show...
This is two different fabric lines and I do not remember ever buying them. The bottom one is mostly dots. It's all different colors and very vibrant.
Here's another corner of my bookcase. I don't even remember what fabric lines I have there. See, I do need to organize. I have different lines sitting upon each other. I need a better system.
I have doctor bags, rubbermaid bags, fat quarter bags, huge tubs, wicker baskets, dressers, and a storage unit all full of fabric and quilt kits. I have to manuever (sp?) around my sewing room. There are wicker baskets full of fabric all over the floor. There are sections I can't get to without having to move things. It's bad.
I have a very large closet in my sewing room that has some boxes of things and some clothes hanging in it. I need to put those boxes in my storage shed and put the clothes in my bedroom and make shelves in the closet and get organized. Or get wired baskets! I would love to have shelves of wired baskets. Those are deluxe!!
Well, I'm still having the giveaway. Monday I will announce the winner and then if you supply me with you email, I will mail you the table runner. I have 5 people so far. 5 more than I thought. Thanks for reading my blog.
I know my pics aren't up to par but I only have my cell phone to use. I just haven't bought a nice camera yet. Need to get a good camera!


  1. Your latest BOM block looks really very interesting, I'm pretty sure I'm going to try it some day soon. Have some stripes that would look great with white.

  2. Oh my goodness! You have SO much fabric! Lucky you! I love your BOM! Still haven't gotten started on mine yet. I was hoping your post the other day would get me moving, but I've been having such a lazy vacation this week.