Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is what "May" from Germany sent me as a prize from her blog. It was filled with delicious chocolate candy eggs. The eggs were delicious. I am using this to put spools of thread in. It works wonderful. Thanks May. You did such an excellent job on this.

I am making a "Snowman" applique quilt right now. I grabbed some of my many buttons and set them on each snowman to see if they looked okay. I also have some gold and green button on there that I'm using for their shirts. Now I have to stitch on the buttons.

Here are some gold buttons that I'm choosing from. They might be too bright. I have so many buttons that this is the fun part.
Here is one of the stars that go between my "Snowmen". I also have blue plaid stars.
In 1992 I started making a wonky log cabin quilt. I only cut the hundreds of pieces out and laid them on top of each other...right sizes together. I've never made a log cabin quilt but want to, so I found this little kit and I love stars and this is just what I want. I think I will even try to machine quilt it. The kit comes with everything...even the backing and batting and for under $20. Couldn't beat that.

Well, sorry I don't blog much anymore. I've been busy sewing and reading. I didn't say anthing about housework, did I? ha ha...not doing too much of that right now.


  1. very cute snowman! Blanket "Log Cabin Star"simply delicious! You have to sew? how large it was?

  2. Glad you liked them! I was worried the chocolate would go bad...