Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My sewing room

 Here is my two Walmart tables which I put my 24" x 71" cutting board on. The tables were inexpensive and now I know why. They sag in places which makes it a little difficult to cut fabric on. I need to buy a piece of plywood the same size as my cutting board and lay it on the tables and then put my cutting board down. I bought this cutting board from my friend, Dawn, at Traditions Quilts, in Baker City, Oregon. It's about 45 minutes away. She had one on her counter at her shop and I asked her about it and the next thing I knew, she had ordered me one. I just love it.
Look at this pile o' fabric. There is a bookcase there if you look hard enough. I have fabric on every shelf and then I started piling fabric in front of it. I have a whole bedroom for my quilting room, but I need more room. It's hard to get to everything. Every inch of floor space along the wall is used up. The walls are full. I had to buy a sewing machine desk recently and now I have fabric all under the desk. I had to put my ironing board in the middle of the room (my husband made me a retangular ironing board to put on my ironing board so it's massive) and I constantly have to move it to get to my fabrics. I need to spend a day rearranging my room. I might do that today.
Well, off I go to try to fix my room.

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  1. very nice desk and a large mat for the job. And a lot of good fabrics.