Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My daughter, Annie Mercedes

Here's my daughter. I also have a son, Cabel Maxwell. I gave Annie my first sewing machine and she made a table runner that looked gorgeous. She lives in a tiny, tiny one bedroom house atop a garage. You have to climb up so many stairs to get to her door that I rarely leave her place once I get there. Well, she was sewing in her livingroom on her table, but she doesn't really have the room to sew. I wish she would move to a larger place. The rent is so low, I don't blame her from staying there. It has granite counter tops and sinks. It has real hardwood floors. It is absolutely to die for.
She's married to a man, Joey, who's 6'4". She's only 5'2". They make a great pair. She works at the sleep lab at her hospital in Port Townsend, Washington. She's surrounded by the Pacific ocean. The town is a "hippy" town and all the shops sell great items. They don't have any Walmart's or anything. All the shops are privately owned (which is cool).
I miss her so much I thought I'd put in a picture of her. She's so darn cute! She also is the mother of a full grown cat, Rudd, and a kitten they call Monster (which explains all you need to know about the kitten). I'm hoping she comes home (8 hours drive) to see me at Thanksgiving. I haven't had my kids at my house at the same time for a few years. It would be great if they both could come.
Last year we rented a beach house on the Oregon coast. It had 4 master bedrooms and a bunkroom. It had two decks. My bedroom had one of the decks. It also had a family room up on the third floor. That's where me and my husband stayed and my son, Cabel, and his girlfriend, Qianna, stayed. On the main floor (2nd), my daughter had her master bedroom. It had a killer kitchen and a humongous dining room table they held 12 people. On the bottom floor was another master bedroom with a bunk room where Qianna's daughter and her friend stayed. It also had a laundry room and a two car garage. There was an outdoor shower and barbeque in the backyard. We were going to go there again this year, but things didn't work out. But we plan on going next year. We were in walking distance to the cascino (sp) and a few feet to the beach. We stayed 4 days and 3 nights. There were 8 of us total (2 were children) and we had the best time.  It was the best family vacation we've ever had. I think it's important to have family vacations especially when you all live apart.
Here is my daughter's engagement ring. My mom died when I was 26 and her ring went to my older sister. My sister (who taught me to quilt) died in 2003 and I got the ring. When she became engaged, I gave her my mom's wedding rings. My daughter, Annie, is named after my mom, Ann.
Well onto something I want to share with you.
Here is a picture of my "Wooden hanging ruler and scissor holder". I bought it from Clyde's workshop. It has 14 slots for rulers (which you can put more than one ruler in each slot) and 7 hooks for scissors or whatever and a large cubby hole with a door on it.
I've had it for a long time. I wrote Kelly of www.ihaveanotion.blogspot.com and asked her to do a "spot" on her blog (she has quite the following) about it. She declined my offer. Well, I knew the quilting world needed to know about this ruler holder because it's so wonderful that I got a hold of Clyde and we decided to go in half and send her one. Go to her website and see and read all about this ordeal. She has many pictures of this. After she received it, she fell in love with it just like I did. I think every quilter needs one. I have a second one coming to me because I have so many dang rulers. You can find Clyde's store at Kelly's blog. He sells them for $39.95. Unbelievable. Just check out her site. I think it's the second article, maybe the third by now.
Well, off I go to quilt now.

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