Friday, October 21, 2011

This is the new quilt I'm working on. 18 stars. It's the American flag (sort of). I love stars. They are my favorite so I picked this kit up in Austin, TX. I flew to Austin to where my niece lives. I live in Oregon. Well, she needed to go to Washington State and she came down with "fear of flying" a few years ago so I flew down and we drove up to Oregon and she dropped me off at my home and continued on to Washington State (Seattle).
It took us three days to get to Oregon. We stayed in nice hotels each night (which I needed desperately). We drove up to 11 hours a day to get back up here. When we were done driving for the day, I could hardly straighten my body out. I'm too old for big "road trips".
Anyway, I bought the kit at "The Quilting Bee" in Round Rock, TX. I love that store. It's my new favorite quilt shop. They have so many quilts on the wall and every quilt they show has the kit for it (love it) and I ended up buying three kits that day. This is one of the kits I bought. Since then, I buy from them online. You need to check them out.

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  1. I liked your set on the blanket. Out very nicely. The American flag is very nice.You had a great trip. Come to me to Russia to visit. We have very beautiful.