Friday, October 21, 2011

I bought this "doo-hickey" online (somewhere) and I absolutely can't live without it. It's for chain sewing. It has a razor at the top where there is a space on it. So, instead of getting out the scissors or rotary cutter, I use this. I leave it to the left of my sewing machine and when I have done a chain of fabric, I just put the threads (between the fabric pieces) down on it and it cuts it. It separates each piece of fabric you just sewed. I swear it is the most wonderful thing that I have bought in a long time. It makes chain sewing a breeze. It's called "The Cutting Gizmo" and you can get it online at


  1. I went to the site. As there are many things for patchwork. Eyes run.You are happy. In Russia there is no such. And if it is. it is very expensive.

  2. Now that is a new gizmo to me!