Thursday, November 29, 2012

Craftsy BOM front finally done (and back, too)

Finally! I sewed all the sashing to my 20 blocks and sewed the borders on the Craftsy BOM yesterday! Finally!!!! Then I took the ugliest fabric ever and "ripped" the selvages off and sewed the two pieces together and ironed the seam open and ironed both the top and the back. I clipped any stray thread. I did my best.
I know you aren't suppose to make your backing into two pieces with the seam going down the middle. Call the quilt police! I can take them on!! After what I've been through with my binding, I can take anyone on!!! I've been to hell and back and lived to tell!
Well, maybe not tell the quilt police. I might end up just sobbing and blubbering to them. Too shameful!
Here's my top. Not the best light. It was late night by the time I was finished.
I'm not the best picture taker. I'm using my Razr Droid. Okay, now here's two of each side...closer up.
Oh my, they are terrible. My husband was holding the quilt and I was trying to hurry because he needed to go to bed because he works for the railroad and he's on-call and needed as much sleep as possible before they surprise called him, so I snapped these babies and didn't realize I cut off the bottom of the first one and the top of the second one. I will retake these when he comes back from Idaho.
This is my first scrappy quilt I ever made. And it's not a true scrappy quilt. It's all from one design line. I bought a fat quarter bundle, just like Amy Gibson, the teacher, and then became worried that I would run out of fabric and ordered another fat quarter bundle.
Well, if you've ever bought a fat quarter bundle, you know they cost close to $100. And I used one little piece of the second bundle. So I have to find something to make with this bundle. I love the fabric so much!!!!
Amy Gibson is teaching a Block of the Month at her website: next January. It cost less than $8 for the whole year. It won't be a video like this one was, but for $8, who cares.
She's using Kona solids, fat quarter bundle of them. I have that! And she is using a couple of yards of solid grey. I have that. I am set to go!!
I heard that is doing another free BOM this coming January again. I will be there for sure! And I will buy the same fabric the teacher uses, unless I can't stand it.
I met a gal on "The Quilting Board", who was doing the Craftsy BOM and using the same fabric as I and we became fast friends. We found out that we were "Country Cottages" together also. We are fast friends now. We talk daily on The Quilting Board. We are so alike, except she is gung ho at quilting. She spends hours every day sewing, where I don't. My machine is not working, so I am not sewing. Even when it's working, I don't spend as much time sewing as she does.
I need to clean my sewing room!!!! My husband said I could have the dining room to sew in also. WOW! I could put my sewing cabinet in there, my ironing dresser, and my 23x70 cutting mat on two tables in there. It would free up so much room in my sewing room! I am going to take him up on that.
I am so excited. But, he said I have to figure out what to do with the dining room table and chairs. I know. Put them in the shed with the snow tires and riding lawn mower. Problem solved.
Yippee!!! Now I need my brother to come out and help move things around!
Oh oh, my 17 year old blind deaf dog is barking. He's hungry. I better go take care of him. Until later...peace!


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    1. Thank you Martha! I'm not great at picture taking! I'm asking for a Nikon 1 camera for Christmas.