Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's finally bound!!!

I made this quilt over 4 years ago and it sat and it sat until about a week ago and I finally finished it. Yippee!! It's from a pattern called Bloom. I bought a kit to make this and loved it so much that I had my best friend (who owns the quilt shop) help me pick out some fabrics to make another Bloom quilt. After I finish up on a few more projects, I am going to make it again. It is so easy to make. I think it took me two days to make it. The binding is machine sewed on with flowers for the binding. Looks really nice.
I can't get it all in the picture so I had to take several pics of it.
I had it long armed and love what she did. I can't even remember who did it. I think it was Tracy.

Remember, look below for my new "giveaway". I'm giving away 16 fat quarters on Friday. Hopefully, whoever wins, will come forward right away and I can mail them out the same day. I'm going to have another "giveaway" next week. Trying to lighten my load, if you will.