Friday, July 27, 2012

Fat Quarter Giveaway!!!

I think I spooked people away from trying to win all my fat quarters by saying to let someone who needs the fabric win it. Well, I shouldn't have said that. We all need the fabric. I don't care if your sewing room is overflowing with fabric; if you want all these fat quarters, just leave a comment and you are in the drawing. I already have them packaged in a big box, ready to ship!
They are all from local quilt shops. High quality fabric. 100% cotton. The best money can buy. So, be sure to leave a comment. I'm paying for shipping. Sorry to anyone out of the USA, I can't afford to ship out of our country. So sorry. It's a big heavy box.


  1. You are just soooo generous! Sincerely! I WANTED them but didn't want to be greedy. I have stash but with retirement my discretionary fund is very limited. Doesn't everyone love new fabric? I even love others scraps! After a quilt class I will look for scraps in the trash. I do have a limit, 2 1/2 inch is the smallest I keep. I mean a girl must have some rules. Here's hoping I win, but if not, I will be thrilled for whoever does! Toni

  2. I am new to quilting and would love to have some fabric!!! I can't afford to buy any, so I really hope I win! :)

  3. Replies
    1. It would be over $60.00 at least. It's a heavy box.

  4. I'm a brand new quilter with a limited stash so far; I'd love to win, please count me in. I do promise to love them and give them a good home.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  5. How generous! It would be great to win. Faq Quarters are my favorite way to put donation quilts together.