Friday, January 6, 2012

Quilts I finished

Here are my quilts that I finished lately. I haven't put the binding on some of them as it's not my favorite thing to do, but some are actually bound. Okay, I took these pictures at 4:50 am in my dark living room. They are lying on the floor so you don't get that good of a view. I took some pictures of these outside in my backyard with my husband holding them up, but I don't know how to upload pictures from my husband's IPhone. I have an HTC Thunderbold (droid) phone and know how to use it so these will have to do until I can get him to go back outside and hold up all my quilts (what do my neighbors think of us?).
This one is called "Stars over Texas". I bought the kit from Austin, Texas when I flew down to my niece's house. She has fear of flying and she needed to get to Canada, so I flew down and rode all the way to Oregon with her. It took 3 days but boy did I get to see some beautiful country. The Grand Canyon was beyond description as was Utah. Unbelievable.
This quilt was so much fun to make. I call it "Flower Power". It didn't take long to make and it was pure joy appliqueing the flowers. I'm going to try and sell these quilts. My daughter-in-law's mother makes and sells quilts online all the time. She sells them as fast as she can make them. I don't know if I can part with them yet. I'm still in the "thinking" stage.
"My Dresden Plates" was the hardest quilt I have ever made. It is queen size and it had so much appliqueing on it. The gal that long arm quilted it did an excellent job. She matched the fabric with the same color of thread for every part of this quilt.
This quilt is huge!! I named it "My Sister's Stars". My sister machine sewed all the stars on the fabric and never was able to finish it. She died in 2003 and most of her quilting room was adopted by me. I put the sashing around the stars and added the border and had it quilted. If I had to sell this, I'd sell it for $800. I don't think I could even sell it; it means too much to me.
This is the back of the star quilt. It is quilted with stars and loops and looks fantastic.
And lastly, my "Lone Flower" quilt. I made this probably four years ago and still haven't done the binding on it. I cut the binding out and attached it all together and ironed it in half and then stopped. I need to finish this one. I'm not crazy about the binding for this one. It frayed quite a bit. I might send it out to be hand bound. I know, that's so lazy, but that might be what it takes to finish it.

So there you have all my new quilts. Well, I have about 4 more but they aren't quilted yet; I just have the tops done.


  1. All of your quilts are just lovely. The one your sister was working on is just so wonderful because you helped finish it.

  2. I agree with Barb. They are all lovely! I hate to be redundant but that is the word that came to mind when I saw them and then (darn!) I saw Barb comment. Oh well! I'm sure you won't mind hearing it again. Hugs! Toni in Oregon

  3. Love all of them; well perhaps the Dresden plates a tiny bit more. You sure have been busy!

  4. Hi Jeanne!! I love your quilts and your blog, you are way more advanced then I am, I have so much to learn still about setting up information on my blog. I left you a message on my blog, I wanted to let you know that my husband and I lived in LaGrande a long time ago. We both went to college at Eastern Oregon State College. My husband graduated from there with a degree in teaching in 1976. We are hoping to get up that way this summer to spend a few days in Enterprise. It was really awesome to read your comments, so glad you enjoyed my site. I will be keeping up with you here also!!! Martha in Lebanon Oregon.