Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tatiana's present

I ordered one of this  "Cutting Gizmo's" for Tatiana. The one in the front is mine. It is a god send. It's for chain sewing. It has a razor in it and you just lay your threads (between your chain of fabric) and it cuts it. Wonderful idea. The box behind mine has Tatiana's Cutting Gizmo. I have to wait and make her a box up since she lives in Russia and I am in the USA. I am going to make her a box of goodies and send it to her in a month or two. It's expensive to send things international.


  1. Oh, what a wonderful gift. I have no words! I am very, very grateful to you!You're so sweet and caring. In America, live in a very sensitive and responsive people.I'm glad our acquaintance with you.I am very sorry that I do not know English.

  2. That looks so cool! I have never seen that thing before now! How sweet of you to get one for your friend.

    Vicki @ Quilting Lodge