Saturday, October 1, 2011

This is what my quilting room looks like two days after I cleaned it. What's the use? I practically live in here. The only thing I don't do is eat in here. And I don't shower in here either, but that's a given.
I'm having trouble with my camera on my phone. I take pictures and tell the computer to delete them after I upload them, then I go and take a couple of pics and upload them and all my old photos are still on my phone. This time I had 156 photos and three were mine. There were lots of pics of someone else's quilts and blocks and pics of a lady. Where did all these come from? And I didn't get the option to erase my camera. Dang! I'm going to have to call my computer guy. I paid $99 for 1 year of service. I can call them every day if I want. It's the kind of service that they take control of my computer and fix what is wrong with it. I sit here and watch them, so they can't get into anything I don't want them to. But they are great!!!
I finally put fabraholics two lines of fabric in one box that's a reasonable rate. I will ship it today or Monday. For now on when I have give aways, I won't be able to pay shipping. Fabraholic has offered numerous times to pay the shipping. Well, we agreed to split it. It makes me feel good to help pay the shipping costs.
Well, I'm going quilting. Have a good weekend.
Tatiana, send me your address so I can send you your quilt kit.

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  1. Well you decided to split the shipping :-) I still think I should pay it all; you are more than generous as it is. Can't wait to see what you have put into the package...You said two lines; whats the second one?