Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Dad

Here is a picture of my late dad. His name was Jacob Welty Penner. He lived to be 86 years old. The older he became, the sweeter he became. And he remembered my name up to the end. He had dementia for a few years but it wasn't bad. He lived alone for 84 years and then went to a nice home to live. He was always a lady's man. Well, he found one there. They became inseparable. It was so cute. He was married to my mon until she died of cancer at 54 (I'm 57 and can't believe I'm older than she lived to be) and then married a really nice lady and lived with her until she died when he was 84. He use to walk for miles every day. He has a cabin high up in the mountains and he loved walking up there. At home he walked behind his house over hills and hills every day. Finally his hip gave out on him and he had to use canes, then a walker. But he bah humbug about his hip. He just enjoyed life. He was the most moral person I know. Would never lie for anything. After he retired he ran a store that gave out food daily. Then he worked at the Catholic Church during funerals. He'd make some of the food and put out everything for the meal after the funeral. He always worked. He even mowed his lawn when he was in a walker. He'd use the lawn mower for support. What a guy. I lost my mom when I was 26 so I really relied on my dad for the rest of the time. It was harder for me to lose my dad at 86 than my mom at 54. Something else, huh? Just ran into this picture and wanted to put it on my page. I sure miss him.


  1. For me it was my Granny; she died at 94 18 years ago, but I still miss her.

  2. Yesterday my husband's mother died . She was 78 years old.((