Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lots of Pictures

I took a lot of pictures yesterday and this morning I posted them. You'll have to go back a few pages to see them all. I'm doing something wrong. It seems I'm putting in the pictures the wrong way. I put in a picture and then when I post a new picture, it is before the last one. How would I demonstrate how I make a block? I don't know if you understand what I am saying.
I make our coffee. It's toddy coffee. You put in fresh coarse ground coffee into a container that has a hole at the bottom and a filter above the hole. You plug up the hole and add one pound of fresh coffee and cold water. You let it sit 12 hours. Then you pull the cork out of the bottom and put it ontop of the glass pitcher. It makes the best coffee in the world. It's not bitter or acidy (sp) at all. You then add one part coffee and two parts water. My husband heats his up. I add half and half and make ice coffee. It really gets you going in the morning. I have a second cup later in the day and get another jolt to kep me going.
Today my goal is to finish my flower quilt and make a Civil War block. I joined another Civil War block of the month club and am on month 10 and haven't even done one block. That's my next project.
In 10 days I go to my quilting retreat. It use to be about 75 miles from home and was in an old, old hotel. It was beautiful. Horses everywhere. Bears also. They would sit in the trees in the yard and eat the fruit from the trees. At night we would hear them bump against the home and growl and we would be scared to death. But during the day, they were cute. Didn't look dangerous. It was scarry taking a walk up there because you always seemed to come upon a mother bear with her baby bears. And you know what the say about mother bears and their babies. Scarriest thing that ever happened to me was having the mother bear on one side of me and the babies on the other. I really thought it was the end for me. It was up in the dense forest on a little dirt road and you really had no place to go. My niece and I clung to each other and nothing happened. Nothing at all. So we slowly, slowly walked away and when we were some distance away we took off running for our lives. Afterwards we laughed about it and even now I think it was fun but not at the time.
Anyway, the past few years the quiltiing retreats are here in my home town. The women come from all over. Some come 6 hours away. Most are 1 1/2 hours from here. We have a beautiful new wood building that has huge rooms with big tables and one wall is all windows. It's beautiful. There are 10 bedrooms there. Each bedroom has 2 twin beds. Everyone that comes is so excited to be here (it's beautiful where I live) and they all bring their machines and tubs of projects. We have three ironing boards we leave there. They serve us three meals a day. It's wonderful for everyone...except me. It's in my home town. So I don't spend the night. I go in the morning and quilt with the ladies and come home at night. It doesn't seem like a retreat to me. The women are so pleased with this place that this is where we will be having our retreats for now on. I'm still deciding on going this year. It costs me $90 to just stay for four days (not nights, just days) and eat three meals 3 of the days. I'll probably end up going. I'm always glad I'm there once I get there. I just have to make it there.
Well, It's 5:27 am here in Cove Oregon USA and I'm going to go drink some coffee before I start quilting. Have a great day! Next week I'm having another giveaway! Keep checking back.


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