Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I've been up since 1:30 am (Pacific time) this morning. I've been blog hopping. I go to someone's blogsite and then find all the blogs they belong to and go to some of them. You should try it if you haven't already. I've learned so much this morning. I learned how to make this really cool star block. The gal took a picture of every step of the way. I wish I was that patient. I want to take pictures of my quilt room today to show you how messy and disorganized it is. Then I will straighten it up and show you the difference.
The main problem is all my projects are laying all around. I have two sewing chairs and one is loaded with a couple of projects. I have two long tables that I have my 70 inch cutting mat on and it has projects laying all over it. I have to move them just to cut anything.
I have joined, I think, 6 block of the month clubs from different online stores. 3 of them are Civil War clubs. I love Civil War fabric. I have a tub of it plus two huge stacks of it on top of the tub. To be honest, one of the clubs I've just collected the blocks and stack them, in order, on top of each other, until I have time to start. I have month 10 and haven't made one block. Every month each package has several blocks. They are all the same. Some have 8 blocks to make. Also, each month there is a story about the Civil War. I pulled those out and put them in order and started reading them. Now I want to get a book on the Civil War. It is fascinating. Did you know we lost more soilders in the Civil War than in all the other wars combined??!!!! And the women made quilts for the soilders to sleep on and under. Most of them had no batting. Poor guys. What they sacrificed for our country. Some of the daily fights were in forests, too close to do anything but hand on hand combat. They would fight all day and then retreat at night for a good night's sleep and then take up where they left off the next day. Enough of that for today. Read up on it online. You will be fascinated, just like me.
What I like the least about quilting is doing the binding. I very much dislike binding. I was having a gal do it for me but I felt guilty so I bought a "Zip Bind" gadget that is suppose to make it so I can machine sew both sides of the quilt. I tried it on a table runner and it wasn't bad. I need practice. I had to go to the manufacturer's website and watch an hour video on how to do it. It's very complicated. There are so many parts that came in the package. It makes unbelievably beautiful mitered corners. I could never ever make mitered corners that nice. It cost $70 plus I think $20 for the foot and then $14 for an attachment I had to buy for my sewing machine. I sure hope I can get the hang of it. I bought it at Martelli's Shop. You can go to www.martellinotions.com/ to check out their zip bind. They also have Quick Bind. It's a system that folds your binding as you are attaching it. I watched the hour video on it also but it looked so confusing and I know I can't figure something like that out. But check out their website.

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