Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Huge Giveaway!!!!

I have one follower. I think she checked my site out once. Well, if anyone wants a jelly roll, layer cake, fat quarters and yardages of one line of fabric, just leave your email address and you'll probably be the only one so you will win all of this. It's worth over $150. It's just that I have sooooo many fabric lines that I need to make room for them all. I have a couple of really nice lines that I would send, no shipping charges, free to whomever signs up for it first. I'll wait a week and check back. Probably no one will read this and I'll just try again on one of my other blogspots. I don't do my blogs every day so no wonder I have no followers except one. I might see if I can find out who she is and just send her this line. Okay, hop to it.


  1. Hello, I noticed you just signed up to follow me, so I thought I would come check you out! Thanks for visiting! Now I'm going to follow YOU!

  2. Then there were four... followers I mean. You are doing just fine. Good luck!

  3. I read your blog. It is very interesting. With love from Russia.