Saturday, August 27, 2011

This is one of my three latest table runners. You can see the batting sticking out. I still have to quilt it. I swear, my machine is suppose to be the fanciest one out there and I even have the long arm quilting table to go with it. It's a Bernina 830 that also has embroidery (boy does it) and can be placed on the long arm table and I'm suppose to be able to quilt like the pros. Well, I tried stitching in the ditch. What is wrong with me?i It looked horrible but I couldn't rip it out. So I'll start a pile and think of a name for it where all my mistakes will go. This one is too small to go to the quilters. I think I would be laughed out of the quilt shop. Especially since they know about my new fangled machine and quilt table.

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