Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011

Well, I finally made it back. I need to know how to apply pictures to my blog. I don't do anything with my blog since I don't know how to put pictures on it. If I find out, then I'll go to town. Right now I'm working on two block of the month club blocks. It is a Civil war quilt. I love Civil war fabric. Especially mixed in with other types of fabric. When I take my quilts to the quilter, I always get nice comments on my quilts.
I'm also making a quilt that has large applique flowers and stems (made with ric rack) on it. It's so colorful. I'm going to love it. It's very easy but looks hard. I love those kind of quilts.
I am also working on a quilt I bought the kit for from a quilting magazine.
Now, that's just the quilts I have spread out. I have many more in laundry baskets and tubs waiting to be finished.
Now I'm going to go back in my quilting room and tackle some quilts!

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